Mario Games – Part 2

Mario Ghost House

Mario must enter the spooky ghost house where ultimate horror and countless puzzles await him. Can you make it out alive?

Remember the really awesome ghost houses from Super Mario World for the SNES?! Well this game is all about those creepy destinations. Mario must navigate his way through the labrynth like catacombs of the spooky Ghost House in order to reach safety at the end. As can be expected, there are lots of secrets and hidden passages that await discovery!

How to Play: L/R Arrow: Move – Up Arrow: Jump – Down Arrow: Crouch – A: Run

Infinite Mario

Contrary to the name of this flash game, Infinite Mario actually does end at some point. The question is when?

Infinite Mario randomly generates a new world each time you play the game. So each time you fire it up, you’re having a unique experience. The produced worlds follow the Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World format of having a defined overworld map with levels, shortcuts, and what not to traverse through. The stages themselves are modeled after Super Mario World itself which everyone knows is the best Mario Bros. game ever made!

Note: Give the game a moment to load then click on the game display screen with the mouse in addition to press the ‘S’ crucial to get started on

How to Enjoy: Arrows: Move – T: Jump – A: Run/Fireballs

Use ‘S’ on typically the overworld to select a new stage

Paper Mario World

Paper Mario World features a sledge hammer wielding baby mario who can mash his enemies into smithereens

Papers Mario World has the unique plot in which usually Princess Peach has already been kidnapped by the bad, plotting, S. O. W. Bowser… oh wait which actually not unique whatsoever. The unique part regarding this flash game although is that you perform as Baby Mario and obtain to wield a Hammer that smashes the residing snot out of your entire typical Mario enemies such as Goombas and Turtles plus what perhaps you have. Pretty fairly sweet deal in case you ask me personally.

How to Play: L/R Arrow: Move – Upward Arrow: Jump – Area: Hammer